Perinatal Safety

The following information is provided to improve safety and decrease maternal and neonatal events. This information includes a guide for oxytocin administration, breastfeeding recommendations related to opioid misuse, and bundles for better maternal outcomes.

  • Guidelines for Oxytocin Administration after Birth: AWHONN Practice Brief Number 2

    A practice brief contributed by AWHONN that recommends guidelines for oxytocin administration after birth. The implementation of guidance is to manage patients who experience postpartum hemorrhage. It shares instruction for the dosing and administration of oxytocin, management of the third stage of labor, and suggested equipment use.

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  • Breastfeeding Recommendations for Women Who Receive Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Use Disorders

    Here is an explanation of recommendations to promote breastfeeding for women who receive treatment for opioid use disorders. It discusses the magnitude of the problem relative to national rates and trends of opioid use with pregnancy. It also presents the risk for neonatal abstinence syndrome associated with opiate withdrawal. Read the attached for management, guidelines and considerations linked to breastfeeding and opioid use.

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  • Better Maternal Outcomes Rapid Improvement Network

    IHI is a leader in perinatal safety. Its work includes initiatives for better maternal outcomes. This network delivers education, improvement tools, public calls, articles and toolkits. It aims to connect hospitals and providers to improve outcomes to all. It is provided free to the public.

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  • Patient Safety Bundles

    The Council on Patient Safety in Women’s Healthcare provides maternal patient safety bundles. Downloadable PDF, webinars and standardized recommendations are at hand to meet the goals of providing quality care to maternal patients.

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