Nursing Communication Tools

Communication breakdowns can be a root cause in many adverse events in healthcare. Therefore, developing processes to improve communication among staff is an important aspect of any patient safety program. Tools are provided in this section to help improve communication at critical transfers of patient care.

  • Policy Templates

    Policy Templates

    Sample Bedside Shift Report Letter

    Provides verbiage that can be given to patients upon their admission to your healthcare organization explaining the bedside shift report process.

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  • Guidelines/Recommendations


    Bedside Shift Report Guidelines and Key Words

    Guidelines for the bedside shift report process can increase patient safety and improve quality of care.

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  • Guidelines/Recommendations


    Bedside Shift Report Tips

    Tips to successfully hardwire bedside shift reports in your organization.

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  • Checklists


    Bedside Shift Report: Framework for Communication

    A framework for communication between members of the healthcare team during bedside shift report.

    TAGS: Members, Team, Reporting, Bedside, shift, nursing process

  • Checklists


    Article: Bedside Shift Report Improves Patient Safety and Nurse Accountability

    This article provides evidence-based practices regarding how bedside shift report improves patient safety.

    TAGS: Provides, Evidence-based, Practices, Bedside, nursing process

  • Guidelines/Recommendations


    SBAR Communication Tool

    Guidelines for how to communicate patient information to the physician in a succinct and effective format.

    TAGS: Guidelines, communicates, Patient, Physician, succinct, Effective, format, nursing process

  • Flyer/Sign/Poster


    Patient Ticket to Ride

    A template for your organization that provides immediate critical patient safety information to accompany patients leaving the unit.

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  • Guidelines/Recommendations


    Handoffs in the Postoperative Anesthesia Care Unit: Use of a Checklist for Transfer of Care

    Provides information regarding the need to have a standardized process for handoffs in the PACU patient care area.

    TAGS: information, standardized, handoff, PACU, nursing process