Quality Improvement Programs

To provide safe, quality care, an organization requires a plan to improve processes continuously. Quality Improvement Programs originate from a team managed by leadership implementing various strategies to achieve success. Staff involved in these details realize the effects these processes bear on a facility. Below is a collection of tools that can benefit personnel to enhance practices consistently.

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    Developing and Implementing a QI Plan

    This resource discusses the components of an effective quality improvement plan with advice on how to develop and implement your own. It highlights the difference between a quality improvement plan vs. a quality improvement program, the optimal organizational structure of a quality improvement plan and the role leadership should take during planning development.

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  • AHRQ Practice Foundation Handbook, Module 14

    This resource is a guide to creating quality improvement teams and how these teams can be effective in your organization.

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    Introduction to the Toolkit for Using the AHRQ Quality Indicators: How To Improve Hospital Quality and Safety

    This resource guides healthcare organizations in the step-by-step process of assessing and improving the quality and safety of care provided to patients. Resource information is flexible and modifiable based on the organization’s size and services offered.

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    Culture of Safety 2017 Update

    This resource helps healthcare organizations make patient care safer by improving care transitions. It is composed of a variety of strategies, change concepts and actionable items that any organization can implement based on the need or services provided to improve patient safety.

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  • Guide to Patient and Family Engagement in Hospital Quality and Safety

    Patient and family engagement is an area of increasing importance to healthcare organizations. Healthcare organizations that include patients and their family members in a quality improvement program benefits all involved. This resource provides guidance on how to improve patient and family engagement in an organization’s quality and safety program.

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    Preventing Readmissions 2017 Update

    Readmissions are very common, expensive and somewhat preventable. A common cause of readmissions is the result of ineffective discharge processes. This resource provides guidance on how organizations can improve the discharge process, and therefore, the chance of readmissions.

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