Surgical Site Infection Best Practices for Prevention

These resources intend to reduce SSI by providing evidence-based interventions and guidance to prevent and control infections. This information shares processes and strategies to improve communication, answer questions and educate staff and patients. The goal is to decrease risks and increase care quality by addressing essential components and primary surgery factors.

  • Guidelines/Recommendations


    Guide to the Elimination of Orthopedic Surgical Site Infections

    A guide published by APIC which provides tools, strategies and other resources to help reduce SSI specific to the orthopedic surgery population.

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  • Guidelines/Recommendations


    How-to-Guide: Prevent Surgical Site Infections

    A guide developed by IHI, a leader in healthcare improvement, which provides evidence-based interventions that should be implemented to reduce SSI.

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  • Guidelines/Recommendations


    2017 HICPAC-CDC Guideline for Prevention of Surgical Site Infection

    This article discusses what the infection preventionist needs to know regarding the guidelines of prevention of surgical site infections.

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  • Guidelines/Recommendations


    International Society for Infectious Diseases: Guide to Infection Control in the Hospital

    A guide discussing ways to decrease the risk of surgical site infections in the operating room.

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  • Guidelines/Recommendations


    WHO: Global Guidelines for the Prevention of Surgical Site Infections

    These guidelines from the World Health Organization aim to provide evidence-based recommendations for interventions to decrease the risk of surgical site infections.

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  • Articles


    AHRQ PSNET: Surgical Site Infections Article

    This resource discusses metrics in the prevention of surgical site infections.

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  • Institute of Healthcare Improvement - Surgical Site Infection

    This education aims to improve processes to reduce SSI. It describes how to implement interventions and recommends measures to gauge improvement. It also provides a checklist. IHI's goal is to improve communication between clinicians.

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  • Institute of Healthcare Improvement - Changes to Prevent Surgical Site Infection

    The Institute of Healthcare focuses on surgical improvement projects by implementing changes to reduce the occurrence of SSIs. This project includes fundamental elements and recommended prevention strategies.

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  • Guidelines/Recommendations


    CDC: FAQs About Surgical Site Infections

    CDC created a document that defines SSI and answers frequently asked questions relevent to treatment of SSI. It explains what the hospital can do to prevent infections. This feature prepares the patient preoperatively, intraoperatively and postoperatively to reduce the risk of infection.

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  • CDC - Surgical Site Infection Toolkit

    The CDC established a toolkit addressing surgical site infections. This toolkit offers guidelines and tools to monitor infections and strategies to prevent SSI.

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  • Flyer/Sign/Poster


    7S Bundle Approach for the Prevention of SSI

    The 7S Bundle Approach is a systematic approach that has proven to decrease surgical site infections. Following this methodology can improve overall patient quality and reduce financial risks within your organization.

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