Patient Safety Awareness Week: Resources To Help

Happy Patient Safety Awareness Week! LHA Trust Funds wants to thank all of the healthcare workers across Louisiana who work hard to make sure their patients are safe every day.

Your role in patient safety has never been more important. As the ongoing pandemic has presented one challenge after another in the past year, patient safety remains one of the top priorities in healthcare. At LHA Trust Funds, we support you by developing tools to enhance your efforts in developing and maintaining a culture of safety, including patient safety, within your organization.

Self-risk assessment tools are a great way to achieve this goal. Risk assessments are proactive tools used to help identify hazards that may cause harm to someone.

LHA Trust Funds has developed numerous self-risk assessments focused on specific processes. Compare your current practice with best practices using any of the risk assessments below to help develop plans of action for improving patient safety.

We applaud your commitment to continuous improvement and efforts to improve the safety and wellbeing of your patients!

Behavioral Health Environmental Checklist
This basic checklist helps identify risks specific to the behavioral health population in a behavioral health patient care setting.

Fall Prevention Self-Assessment
This fall prevention self-assessment tool allows you to evaluate your organization’s current practices against best practices to prevent falls.

Best Practices Checklist
This checklist is a tool for organizations to evaluate their current state to ensure that best practices are being utilized to encourage communication of concerns.