Iberia Medical Center 

Enhancements in Workplace Violence Prevention & Security Infrastructure After a Natural Disaster

On December 14, 2022, Iberia Medical Center was directly impacted by a top-end EF-2 tornado with 135 mph winds, land coverage for almost 4.5 miles, and a 300-yard-wide diameter — the worst safety issue ever experienced by the organization. While no lives were lost, the structure of the hospital and adjacent medical office building sustained significant damage.

As a result, facility security was significantly compromised:

  • More than 50% of doors accessing the hospital along with badge swipe access systems were destroyed.
  • Roofing to multiple clerical staff departments was missing or damaged by water.
  • The west and east wing windows of the hospital along with most of the adjoining medical office building were shattered.
  • Emergency communication systems were compromised.

Iberia Medical Center’s main objectives were to provide additional security to the hospital and adjoining medical office building, repair video surveillance damaged by the tornado, replace all the damaged exterior campus parking lot lighting, remove all debris on the exterior campus, replace all damaged badge swipe systems, and add the additional badge swipe systems to elevators with direct access to closed hospital departments.

Although Iberia Medical Center’s original 2023 workplace violence program goals required significant revision after the tornado, the organization kept patient, visitor, and employee safety a top priority. The program also resulted in the strengthening of the organization’s existing interdisciplinary workplace violence committee with a mission to ensure safety and prevent violence within its campus.

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