Fall Prevention Self Assessments

A concise, easy-to-use risk assessment, created by the LHA Trust Funds, to evaluate your current fall prevention program against best practices. This simple tool can help provide a quick snapshot as to whether your program is addressing basic patient fall prevention functions.

  • Assessment tools

    Assessment tools

    Fall Prevention Self Assessment

    Patient falls are one of the most common adverse events. This fall prevention self-assessment tool allows you to evaluate your organization’s current practices against best practices to prevent falls. The tool is designed to help you assess the overall program from unit level interventions to overall data collection.

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  • Checklists


    Slip Trip Fall Prevention Checklist

    A checklist to help the risk manager or safety director identify hazards that lead to slips, trips, and falls. The items in the checklist are designed around common causes of visitor falls within and outside of an organization. Use this checklist as a routine rounding tool.

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